You be the Judge

I was sure I heard it right, “It has to be 1/.6 seconds long to be considered as long exposure shot”.  These were the words of the host for this month’s themed photo competition.  With this basic criterion I submitted my entries from exposures of 15 seconds to 120 seconds to our club representative.  After that, the rep brought all the entries to our “consultant” to determine whether our photos are qualified to the competition proper.  This afternoon, the rep showed me the entries that were selected by the “consultant”.  Unexpectedly, six out of ten of my shots were eliminated because there were no “motions” in them.  What?

Those six shots were all taken with at least 60 seconds exposure.  The first one was already posted here under the title “Long Exposure”.  The second is my cover photo.  I am posting the third below.  Now, what I am wondering is that criteria of the “consultant”.  I think she missed the essence of what a long exposure shot is.  How could she dismiss that there is no motion in the first photo (Long Exposure post)?  How about the waves of the bay that were smoothen out by the long exposure?  And as for the photo below, can you achieve the effect of the lights on the moving water or the reflections of the jetty and the break water?


Anyway …

We all know that each one has his own take of a concept and I respect that.  But my point is, at least we must be open in entertaining others’ perceptions or opinions.  Right now, if we will only consider the judgment of the “consultant”, I guess we will miss some opportunities that our work be evaluated by five official judges.


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