Long Exposure

Talking about learning a lot from my basic photography course, I guess it’s about the relationship of ISO, aperture and shutter speed that challenge me most.  Right now, I’m starting to shoot manually.  No more auto modes, all manual.  Amazingly, I’m getting the hang of it and I must say I’m beginning to learn fast.

One project that our class challenges us is to do long exposure.  Without any experience about this technique, I browse the internet to look for samples.  Looking at them, my jaw dropped in awe.  I told myself that I wanted to become an expert with this technique.  So, I packed my equipment and went to the nearest body of water in our city.


Above is just one of my shots.  I used an aperture of f11, 120 seconds shutter speed and 100 ISO.  With this setting, I was able to smooth out the waves and was able to catch a good reflection of the jetty.  Hope you like it.


9 thoughts on “Long Exposure

  1. It’s great to be in awe of other peoples work, as I am of this photo, especially so as you’re new to the genre, but the feeling you get when you nail a shot… The time that passes while the shutter’s open can be intense! I love it!

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