Commencement Flower

Who would have thought that the sunflowers in UP signify anything?  They said that when they started to bloom, it means that students have to work double time since the school year would come to an end.  This means that students have to finish their term papers or thesis, prepare for the final exams, or the most awaited ceremony in the university, graduation.  When I learned this from television, I decided to take a trip to my alma mater with the sole purpose of taking photographs of the sunflowers.

It was Saturday when I went to UP and along the University Avenue I saw the rows of sunflowers on each side of the avenue.  There were people who were also taking photographs.  Friends, students, families, gathered around the yellow and golden blooms ignoring the vehicles passing by.  I arrived at 5:30 in the afternoon so I did not waste my time on setting up my camera and tri-pod.  I am going to make long exposures so I need the tri-pod.

Below is a sample of the shots I made.  I posted my other shots on my photo site at



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