Basic Photography

When I was informed that our office will create a photography club, I did not think twice to become a member.  The purpose of the club is to create a pool of photographers that would become alternates to our Media people in documenting our work.  I thought this is crazy.  Photography is a hobby that has been set aside because of my work but now, I think the club would resurrect this interest.  Therefore, I enlisted myself to the club.

A month later the promise of the club to conduct a formal basic photography course came to materialize.  It was a three-day course and I learned a lot about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, metering, etc.  I even got to discover some parts of my camera that I never got to use.  How cool is that?  So there were assignments and we were required to submit our shots.  By the end of the course, I earned two awards, fifth place in human activity and second place in landscape photography.  That’s quite an incentive so here I am, inspired to finally become a hobbyist.  I still don’t know where this would lead me but I am looking forward to become a better photographer.



3 thoughts on “Basic Photography

  1. That’s cool ! I’m looking for a similar club around where I live, hopefully I’ll find one and it’ll help me the way yours did.
    Your photos are quite good, looking forward to your future posts…

  2. Thank you. I bet there’s a photography club in your area. One tip in order to find out is look for an area which you think is a good location for photography and hang out there. Sometimes, you would see other photographers there and when you do, you can always start a conversation. Maybe that person has a club or maybe you can both start a club. 🙂

  3. Good idea ! I’ll do that, it’s a really good advice, thanks a lot. At the very least, I can make friends that way 🙂

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